Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Speaking of Visual Studio Addins

During the time that Resharper was broken for my project, I became accustomed to using a program called JustCode! from Axtools. Its an addin for c# similar to Resharper that delivers background compilation for c# projects similar to what goes on in the background of a vb.net project.

I'm terrible at passing around the wrong types & I'm always declaring variables that never get used.... For that its a good help. I don't know that its worth $140 or whatever they're charging for it, but It was a step up from the barebones visual studio 2005 IDE.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Resharper Build 261 Finally works with asp.net

Jetbrains has released build 261 of Resharper. It was totally buggy since build 253 for building large asp.net projects. It looks like they have all the loose ends tied up and my project is working like a charm.


Also, I added a screenshot of my new fall color scheme for visual studio 2005 / resharper.